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Welcome To Esgent Estate Agents Property Finder. We have made it easy to find houses without entering your postcode and searching.

We are showing only the top quality houses for sale in the Kent areas.

You can use you mobile devices for this website to buy, sell or advertise houses, properties and estates.

Our aim is to help the seller, the buyer and the estate agents. This means we show the properties that are value for money in our opinion and upon your request we will send more details of the property or properties including the list of agents in the location of the property for to choose.

Furthermore, we will carefully show the list of properties in the area that you are looking for. We will not confuse you by showing you the same property more than once in our list.

When dealing with the high street agents gets slow while buying or selling your property you are welcome to contact us so that we can chase them up on your behalf on daily bases.

Below is the accurate list of locations where properties and houses are for sale.

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If you do not find any of the above houses suitable feel free to ask for More Properties.